I had to break free



Synchronicity and Dreams

Today is my late nephew Brad’s birthday.   I had forgotten it up until I logged into Facebook this morning.

Sometime I’ll tell my brother things that actually happen later.  I don’t control it, it seems to come out naturally and infrequently, no rhyme or reason to it.  He yells at me and asks me why it can’t be something useful, like stock tips or Powerball numbers.  I tell him it just doesn’t seem to work out that way.

Then there are the dreams.  The nightmares are vivid, and the good ones come out like movies I watch for free.  I had the latter just before waking.  And it had to do with cancer.

An old and well dressed man loses his wife, has cancer, and wanders aimlessly through a very old but well kept bus/train station in a city.  He is in some pain and has no one to help him, and has trouble communicating due to his broken English.  He struggles and tells the staff behind a huge, Old World looking wooden counter he needs a doctor.  They have pity on him, and send for a young man who works there to take him to one.

The young man is very eccentric and easily distracted.  They all think he’s a screw up, but they like and feel sorry for him, so he stays on as an errand boy/jack of all trades.  They tell the young man to take the old man to the nearest hospital.  The young man forgets this job, notices the old man is in pain, and somehow comes up with pain pills for the old man, though I don’t know how yet.  The old man goes home with the pills.

The young man is working on one a way to move the old counter back a few feet and does so by himself.  When the staff comes in the next day, they yell at him because it’s not what they wanted, and exposes the floor which doesn’t match the current one that’s old and faded.  But no one questions how he was able to move those counters a few feet by himself and without equipment.

The Old Man comes back the next day before the station staff arrives and finds the young man opening the station in a hurry, the latter forgetting to because he was distracted by another idea/invention.  Once again he helps the Old Man by giving him what looks like miniature moon pies, telling the Old Man to eat them while  saying, in effect, “I’m traveling away from cancer”

The Old Man comes back to the Station some time later, crying.  He is now cancer free.  He tells the Young Man in broken English, “You are great friend.  I needed help.  And you saved me!”

Then I woke up.





Max was my dog.  Well, he was actually anybody’s dog.  So I guess I never really “owned him”  I used to call him a whore.  Told him he’d go home with the next person with a better deal.  But he never did.

But that’s how he learned to survive at the store/cafe on Petit Jean Mountain.  Begging.  Being sociable.  Open to petting.  A ranger on the mountain was about to shoot him and the ranger brought him to me after the dog got sprayed by a skunk.  I reluctantly accepted him and told him on the ride home his name probably wasn’t Max, but that’s what I was going to call him.

And I spoiled him.  He loved cheese.  And before long he was as fat as a hog.  He loved to chase squirrels, the Park in Perryville, and would walk up to anyone; man, woman or child, and introduce himself.  And they all fell for him.

I told him one night after he was snake-bit if he looked like he did then, I’d have to shoot him in the morning  The next morning he jumped around like a newborn calf.

I had him for about 2 years.  Maybe more.  The Vet said he was 2 or three when I got him, based on his teeth.

He popped his last balloon going up against some vehicle at Harris Brake while doing what he always did.  Chasing some critter.

So I think he deserves some type of memorial.

49 and holding

Got a job with the City of Mill Creek and just got my first day in.  I don’t care how old I get or how much experience I think I have, first days are always nerve wracking for me.  Fortunately, I found a crew I can work with.  It’s only for 5 months with a call back if I work out and I’m pretty sore right now (took a hike yesterday to curb my jitters and I was already sore) but I can do this and it will be good to have walking around money again.